I had a really interesting and enlightening weekend. I took Amtrak by myself (I very rarely ever do new things by myself, actually) to go visit Jackie for her birthday. We ate almost continuously from the moment I stepped off the train. It’s rather frightening. More on that another time, hopefully. Then, today, Daddo and Shra came to pick me up, and after we dropped Shra off at Davis, Daddo and I had some great conversations on marriage, careers, the importance of history, etc. It’s interesting, the level of intimacy you can reach in a discussion with someone even when you’re talking around the more explicitly emotional issues. Do you know what I mean? Think about talking with your own parents or children. Think about all those conversations that had ‘I love you’ or ‘these are my true feelings on life, and this is my true self I am presenting to you’ written all over them, but in which such emotionally bare sentiments were never openly presented. It’s good. I’m glad I can talk like this with my parents. Even if we never quite say the big things, what’s important is still somehow getting said.

Hopefully I’ll have more time to talk about my weekend later. I’m most lucid about it now, but I really, really need to either write a paper due tomorrow, or go to sleep. I think I’ll probably end up going to sleep, but that paper needs to remain an option. 🙂

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