Bug night

I had a date with Erik tonight. 🙂 Especially since we’ve been busy and stressed lately, it was nice to have a chance to sit down and talk and relax and let someone else cook and clean. My dinner once again reminded me how much I love Venus. If I could afford it, I would seriously eat here every week. It’s exactly the kind of food I’d cook for myself if I had the skill (non-Asian, that is)! Today my meal started wonderfully and got progressively less so (still wonderful at the end, but the beginning was the best). I adored the bread because the dipping sauce was olive oil mixed with balsamic vinegar, and the appetizer was soooo good… grilled buffalo mozzarella with zucchini, red bell peppers, greens and tapenade crostini. I don’t like olives much (olive oil is quite another matter) so Erik ate most of the crostini. I’d had a craving for buffalo mozzarella (fresh and tender mozzarella, the only kind I really like, not the stringy stuff they have on pizza), so I was very happy. My entree was great too. Fresh spinach linguine with broccoli, red bell peppers, and leeks in a light tomato garlic sauce with Parmesan. Dessert was okay. It was a caramelized banana cheesecake. I think I could have skipped the cheesecake (it was much denser than I like) and been happy with just the bananas; those were fantabulous.

Now I’m happy and stuffed, but I have to do work. *pout*

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