Mmmm food

I just had a great afternoon/evening with Jennifer! We went to SF to see a play, Thoughts Unsaid, because Kevin was in it. It was a fantastic play, very well acted, and I cried throughout practically the whole last half. Apparently I was the only one, but oh well. I’m sure the actors appreciated it. There’s still time to see it if you’re interested; it’s playing next weekend as well. There’s a description on this page.

After the play we went looking for cake, so we headed toward Citizen Cake, but I got us a little lost (one block, to be exact) and we wound up in the middle of the adorable Hayes Valley district instead. (Citizen Cake is a part of this, but it’s sort of on the edge of it.) A wonderful French antiques shop, Champ de Mars, lured us in. The owners of the shop are actually French; I only talked to one of them but his name is Pierre. They have a dog, too. His name is Louis (say it ‘Louie’ but the accent is on the second syllable) and he is a very cute terrier. I almost shelled out $35 for a set of six antique plates, because it seemed like such a good deal, until I realized I don’t actually have a spare $35 right now. 😐 Doh. I’ll go back sometime… At the end of the block, where I expected Citizen Cake to be, we found instead Caffe Delle Stelle, whose pale yellow walls just seemed to draw us in. We checked out Citizen Cake (and its prices), and decided to have dinner at Caffe Delle Stelle instead, and go back to Citizen Cake for dessert. Caffe Delle Stelle was quite nice, with a pleasant atmosphere and very reasonable prices–and also a very cute waiter, with an attractive accent, who charmed us by saying, ‘I will be back, eh?’ every time he left us, along with ‘Is it fine?’ to ask how our food was. I loved my crabmeat tortelloni in tomato brandy sauce. Mmmm. And Jennifer and I got so sucked in by the food and the cute waiter that we decided to look at the dessert menu anyway, even though we already had plans for dessert, and ended up sharing an affogato, one of my favorite simple food things: a shot of espresso poured over ice cream or gelato, topped with whipped cream and cocoa. This one used vanilla ice cream and was soooo good. I think they had the right ratio of sweetness to the bitterness of the espresso. And it turned out to be a great call to have dessert at Caffe Delle Stelle, because when we got back to Citizen Cake, they were closed for the evening! If I had only known I would have ordered the semifreddo as well! But oh well. We cut back on fat and money a little this way, so there’s that benefit.

At any rate it was a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon and early evening. I got to spend tons of time with Jennifer, we saw a great play and had a wonderful meal (I cannot overemphasize the fun of having such a cute waiter… I’m not being unfaithful to Erik! I just have a huge weakness for accents…), and discovered a new place to go shopping. 😀 Mmmm I want more of that tortelloni.

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