I’ve had such a talky day today! In the morning I went to the microfilm room for work, and was sooooo sleepy I had to really push myself to do anything. Then I went to Chinese class, same feeling. Afterward, though, one of my classmates was talking to someone else about Prof Nylan and I was interested in what they had to say, and wound up standing outside Barrows talking to this girl for twenty minutes about school and history classes and things. That was nice because I’m usually very quiet and reserved in that class, I think it has something to do with just not being able to speak Chinese very well; whenever I’m around people speaking Chinese I always become this ultra quiet person without much to say. So it was nice to actually have a conversation with someone in the class and get to know them. Afterward I went to the practice rooms and ran into my piano teacher, and chatted with him for a little bit, which was fun because he’s a nice person and I usually don’t run into him outside of lessons. I practiced for about forty minutes on my own, then met my partner, and we had a great practice session (best yet, actually), so my day continued well. I spent another forty minutes at the microfilm room (not so sleepy this time), then went to Cafe Milano to meet one of my former GSIs, Amanda, to talk about grad school. Amanda was great, very helpful and willing to tell me everything she could think of, but also very keen on making sure that I knew the realities of grad school and not just the advantages. She didn’t butter me up by telling me oh you’re so smart you’ll get in for sure, but she did say she thought it was in me to be an academic, which is reassuring. We talked for two hours and I’ve only just gotten back home. I’m still feeling overwhelmed about grad school, but contradictorily enough I also feel better about it. I am so lucky to only have had encounters with nice people in the history department. Tomorrow I’m going to meet with another former GSI, also to talk about grad school.

So, I’ve spent a good portion of my day talking to other people, not just chatting but seriously talking. I like talking. (Obviously.) So I’m feeling very good about myself and about other people right now, and I’m also feeling nice and serious about school so hopefully I will get lots and lots of reading done tonight. 🙂

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