Cat and dog

Interesting. I had a sudden craving for cheese ravioli, so I went to Berkeley Bowl and bought two packages, along with a jar of pasta sauce and some white peaches. My total came out to be exactly $10, and I had a $10 bill in my wallet. On the way back I met a beautiful and incredibly dignified black-and-white fluff of a cat perched on a porch column, who asked if I would be willing to give it a pat. I petted it and called it a Fuzz, and it was very happy and told me I was good at petting. A block later a black dog watched the passersby (at the moment, only me) from an upstairs window–I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dog looking out of a house window before, especially not an upstairs one. There was no screen and the window was opened, so the dog had its front paws perched on the sill.

Kind of a surreal forty-five minutes, but pleasant. I’ve just (apparently, and hopefully) recovered from a weeklong bout of coughing and headaches and other various not-really-sick-but-miserable-anyway ailments, so this was a nice way to get back into the world.

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