The weather today was so lovely, Cathy, Erik and I wanted to eat lunch outside. So we went to Caffé Nefeli, a posh-looking café on Euclid that I’ve always wanted to go to because of their outdoor tables and the sophisticated-looking people there. Very rarely are their outdoor patrons speaking English or drinking big coffee drinks; they’re usually pretty-looking, speak some European language, and sipping demitasses of espresso. Very attractive. We couldn’t find an outdoor table, so we ate inside instead, but it was just as nice. Now I know a place to get affogato in Berkeley! Mmmm… I’ll definitely be going back there. Euclid is a wonderful place anyway on a nice sunny day, so when the food and drinks are that good…

and I just came back from the Humane Society, where I spent forty minutes with the sweetest cat in the world! His name is Andy, he’s seven years old, and he’s new (just been put up for adoption). I can’t imagine how anyone could bear to give up this kitty. He was immediately friendly, meowing and rubbing his head against my hand. He looks a little like Gracia, our old cat, except Gracia had nicer fur… but Andy’s sweeter. I had so much fun with him I decided to spend all my volunteering time with him. I might go again with Jennifer on Tuesday; if I do, I want to introduce him to her–although because he’s so nice, I hope he’s gone to a good home by then! What a wonderful kitty! And I told him so while I petted him. 🙂 I haven’t met a kitty so nice in forever.

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