well today was a lovely day too! :)

before i tell you about what i did today i have to backtrack a little and describe that so-marvelous evening i raved about yesterday.

i was worried about going to san francisco because of all the scary stuff circulating about the bridges, but some of us had been planning all week for our trip and really didn’t want to give it up. so we decided to leave early and take an alternate route. i was nervous until we got there but everything turned out to be fine, thank heaven.

first we went to scala’s for dinner. lisa [not me] had been telling us for weeks about how wonderful scala’s is… and she was quite right. the menu on the webpage isn’t exactly the menu we had last night but it’s similar. we all tried each other’s food; i can assure you everything is really good! the service was very nice too. it worked out perfectly; we arrived late but they held the table for us (nice of them; the place was packed) and since they needed the table for another party at 7.45 (which was just about when we had to leave the restaurant, anyway) our food arrived very quickly!

after our delicious dinner we walked to the huge nob hill masonic center to hear dave brubeck and his quartet play… i don’t know how old they all are, but they were quite white-haired and i think one of them actually fell on his way out for the encore. still, the music was amazing and they all were so incredibly talented and energetic… i think that was the best concert i’ve been to in a long time.

as far as i know all of us are still glowy and happy today from our delightful time yesterday. 🙂

today i woke up and felt like going to rick and ann’s but didn’t want to spend more money, so i decided to try and re-create a favorite rick and ann’s brunch in my own kitchen. 🙂 i think i succeeded quite well, and erik agrees. i had most of a cute little ‘sugar pie’ pumpkin left over from baking it on halloween so i made that into pumpkin scones, and i mixed a vanilla glaze to put on them. they were very yummy and in fact low-fat, fortunately, because i also made spinach, bacon and cheddar omelettes. 🙂 and home fried potatoes. along with all of that we had apples, orange juice and milk. a thoroughly satisfying brunch, even if it did take three hours to make (not that the food was difficult to prepare, it was because i only had one pan!)

dinner was yummy too. andy came to visit (i haven’t seen him in, what, a year? a year and a half?) and we went to la méditerranée. the food was great and it was really nice to get to see and talk to him again. i gave him a scone too. 🙂

it’s all about food and friends… (yes, mommy, there’s studying happening too!)

[note, 4/10/14: Imported from my old blog at satsumabug.livejournal.com.]