i’m so sad! i made beautiful foccacia tonight. i spent a long time mixing and kneading the dough, and i finally figured out how to add the flour in just the right way so i didn’t wind up with a sticky mess when i tried to knead. it was such a wonderful texture and i had so much fun kneading it since i knew i’d figured it out. i had quite a bit of it with my dinner and it was lovely. i put it in the oven to keep it warm… and guess what? i FORGOT to turn off my oven! so when i took the pan out (with most of the foccacia still intact) i had a picturesque but hard and dry panful. i’m so sad at all this wasted foccacia… and so much work went into making it so perfect and now it’s practically inedible. 😦

[note, 4/10/14: Imported from my old blog at satsumabug.livejournal.com.]