here i pontificate about my body philosophy.

i’ve been fairly diligently writing my english paper all afternoon, so i took a lengthy break this evening. i read a few chapters of emma goldman’s book, i played some games online, and i cooked — sort of. my stomach’s been feeling full lately even when i’m not so i thought i’d make something very easy to deal with. detoxifying food, i guess. well… i don’t really have enough time nor enough of a variety of foods to make true detox food, so i just tried to be as natural as possible. so now i’m eating something that turns out to be yummy despite the lack of seasonings: boiled spinach with sautéed mushrooms and onions over rice. no additions — not even salt. and i’m drinking water with it. i had an appetizer– a banana. and i’ll have dessert, too — an apple. 🙂 reading chez panisse vegetables has definitely re-sparked my interest in fresh foods and has also strengthened my resolve to only eat stuff that’s good for me and that is yummy. i think about all the abuse our bodies go through every day: bad posture, pollution, high heels, poor lighting, ultraviolet rays of the sun, secondhand smoke… it’s really pretty amazing to think about our bodies in this way. i mean, how many other things can you abuse this much that still last this long with this little maintenance? the least we can do is not be throwing junk into our systems all the time. and that’s what most food is, really, junk. why eat if it’s bad for you and you’re not seriously enjoying it? subsistence? come on, we’re all glutted, we’ll survive without a meal or two. i’m the first person to admit i eat stuff that’s bad for me every day. i go out for breakfast with my french people and i have pastries, i pass yogurt park and stop in for a yogurt, i get lazy and eat something fast and bad for dinner. the pastries and the yogurt i genuinely savor, so i consider those okay. if i’m loving every bite, it’s worth it, because i have enough of a sense of what my body needs that i don’t feel a compulsion to eat pastry and nothing but pastry. it’s the quick bad stuff that i’m trying to get rid of– honestly, it’s just like throwing garbage down your throat. i wish i could keep this in mind more often. oh well, at least i try. tonight at least i ate the right thing. 🙂

this is the little reminder strip i have on the wall: ‘respect your body. take care of it. hydrate frequently–flush out the system–drink before you’re thirsty. get enough sleep; it’s the easiest maintenance you can get. exercise. stretch. eat well. and keep the mental sparks going.’ i should have also written down the title of that baz luhrmann song — ‘wear sunscreen.’ no, i shouldn’t have. i always do. 🙂


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