i love the farmer’s market. i went to the berkeley farmer’s market yesterday but didn’t have a chance to really eat anything i bought until tonight — mmmm fresh organic food is so yummy!

i enjoyed some of my yesterday’s purchases in tonight’s dinner. i had a salad with romaine from the market — very clean looking and yummy tasting — and made an omelette with eggs from there. i’ve noticed the eggs from the farmer’s market are different in many ways from the supermarket eggs. for one thing, they’re all different sizes, which is kind of cute 🙂 the shells also seem thinner and the yolks are definitely yellower (which made my omelette a brighter color, too). they also mix better — i mean the yolks and the whites make a more uniform mixture when beaten together. i put some green onions in the omelette that i got at the market too. those onions give me great pleasure — they’re so crisp and yummy. mmmm i love food.

i wonder if it can be cost-efficient to shop with a conscience, buying organic produce and free-range meats and things i mean? if i only buy good food and skip all the junk that most people eat, would i still be spending more on food? *sigh* probably, no? oh well.

[note, 4/10/14: Imported from my old blog at satsumabug.livejournal.com.]