today has been a pretty body-conscious day for me. i took some time out to fix up my legs and feet, after having ignored them for a while 🙂 i also did some crunches, push-ups and leg lifts, and then, feeling that wasn’t quite enough, i tried out mommy’s pilates video.

pilates is pronounced pih-LAH-tees and is similar to yoga. it’s very in-style these days, especially among hollywood’s elite (neve campbell for instance).

i like mommy’s video. it’s short, so i have no excuse not to use it, and it isn’t too taxing. the rather cheesy instructor assured me at the beginning that pilates is supposed to be invigorating, not exhausting, and i actually found that to be true. she also guaranteed that i would ‘feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty, and have a whole new body in thirty!’ let’s see about that one.

so, it wasn’t very long, and i don’t know if it did anything, but i did feel refreshed. so i ate a peach and two slices of grain d’or’s excellent cinnamon swirl bread, along with a glass of milk, played a little bach (partita no. 1, my favorite), and as soon as it started to cool down outside, allison and i went for a run.

my run, like my pilates session, was short. but unlike the pilates, after my run i was exhausted. maybe it’s because i haven’t run in a while, or maybe it’s just because i hardly ate anything, i don’t know, but i only ran a short distance and then had to stop. it wasn’t a horribly short distance — actually i have no idea how long it was — but still not that great. the main thing is i’m working out!

i’m proud of myself and hope i can keep it up.

now i must go eat dinner 🙂 pesto pasta and salad, oh boy! 😀

[note, 4/10/14: Imported from my old blog at satsumabug.livejournal.com.]