my day was an interesting one.

morning: when i got back to berkeley from my weekend at home, asal had picked up the mail and left a package slip for me. this morning i go to pick up the package — i couldn’t recall ordering anything and so was very interested in this package — and it’s from amazon.com. i open it and find three powerpuff girls figurines! there was also a slip that looked like an invoice, explaining that the figurines had already been paid for ‘via Visa’ and that i had ordered them on 30 april. however, when i accessed my account on amazon’s website, the order did not show up. i was on the verge of emailing them for explanation when erik im-ed me and wanted to know how i liked them. well! apparently he ordered them for me on a whim. silly bug. 🙂

early afternoon: PROFESSOR NELSON GOT A HAIRCUT! oh my goodness, the result was so drastic! he’s sixtysomething and is very amiable looking. before his haircut his hair was longish, i think it’s naturally curly, so the effect was somewhat absent-minded professor-looking. well, now that it’s cut closer to his head, he looks about ten years younger — if not more! — and looks much more alert and sharp. i’m totally impressed 🙂

late afternoon: i went to look at erik’s new apartment. it’s absolutely adorable and i completely fell in love with it. i hope i can find one as nice! it’s got the most awesome closet in the entire world 🙂

evening: we just had dinner with prof litwack, as part of clark kerr’s faculty dinner series. professor litwack was just as open and voluble as usual, and we all enjoyed his presence. how often does one get a chance to talk with a pulitzer prizewinner about anything from his children to his thoughts on eminem? (just for your interest: he likes eminem, or is at least thinks he’s interesting, though he doesn’t think all his stuff is good)

for a while i’ve been turning over the idea of teaching a de-cal class. i wonder if i should do it next year? for those of you who don’t know, the name means democratic education at cal. de-cal classes are usually worth only one unit (most classes are worth four), and are student-organized and taught (with professor sponsorship and assistance). they provide an interesting way for students to fulfill unit requirements, learn about something not normally taught in the university, and explore interests. past topics have included ‘the erotic as power’ and the rapper tupac shakur. i’d like to teach a de-cal class because i always enjoy sharing my interests with other people, and it would be a good way for me to learn more about something, myself. however, i have heard that since de-cal classes are such a responsibility to conduct, they are best taught in teams of students, and in one’s junior or senior years. so i don’t know if i should teach one next year, or wait until later. my class would be about the history of berkeley… i think prof litwack probably doesn’t have time to be a sponsor for a de-cal, but i want to ask him anyway… we’ll see what happens. as of yet i still only know very little about berkeley history, so i might make learning more about the city, my project for the summer. then if i feel i know enough, i can teach the class next spring… or, if not, i’ll just be happy with the knowledge i’ve gained. we’ll see.

[note, 4/10/14: Imported from my old blog at satsumabug.livejournal.com.]