good morning!

mommy just sent me an interesting link. it’s an interview with liza dalby, the only non-japanese who has ever become a geisha. as a doctoral anthropology student, liza (then liza crihfield) traveled to japan to find out about geisha communities and wound up becoming one herself. if you’ve read arthur golden’s memoirs of a geisha (excellent book; if you haven’t read it i recommend that you do, if only to see for yourself how believable a female character created by a male author can be!), you remember that there was a lot of sex in the book — no, liza did not sleep with anyone as part of her project. anyway, by that time, in the seventies i think, geishas’ role was already becoming less sexual and more and more artistic.

check out the link; it’s interesting. read geisha and memoirs of a geisha as well! 🙂 and be sure to click on the link at the bottom of the interview, which takes you to liza’s own page. when you get there, explore the page about murasaki.

(note on the page about murasaki: if you’re interested, try looking at all the pages in different languages. it’s interesting how much the book covers differ.)

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