you know, this weekend i’ve really missed home. i mean, i always miss home somewhat, but the feeling has been extra strong these past few days. i think what’s happening is, as the academic year draws to a close, i get really sick of school and everything associated with it. not to mention the dorm atmosphere in general.

i love clark kerr. it’s beautiful and roomy and friendly. we have the best dc out of all of the other res halls, and the people who work here are nice. i like my suitemates and my roommate is awesome. i love berkeley and i can’t wait to spend my summer here. i’m very happy here.

still… i can’t help wishing i was at home. i miss having my own room. i’m tired of sharing with others, even if i like these ‘others.’ i want to be able to go to the kitchen and eat without getting dressed or washing my face. i want to have twenty-four-hour access to fresh food, simple and healthy. heck, i want to have twenty-four-hour access to food, period, without having to walk twenty minutes or pay every time i want a meal at odd hours. i miss taking a shower in my bare feet. i want to see my family every day, not once or twice a month. i want to relax.

i’m looking forward to my summer at berkeley, but
that month in between 19 may and the start of summer school is going to be awfully sweet.

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