about my day.

shra went home today 😦 but when mommy came to pick her up, we all went to have lunch at rick and ann’s! 😀 that was great. i haven’t been there since february or earlier. anyone who has never been to rick and ann’s, let me know and we can make a date 🙂 next to us were two boys, i think about ten to twelve years old but they looked smaller. they were alone and we were speculating whether they were really there alone. it was really cute; they were trying very hard to be mature. one of them spilled his lemonade, almost onto erik, and they both apologized profusely. you could tell they were afraid we would think they were less mature because of it. when they were done eating, they asked for their bill and paid it, although they needed the waitress’s help in doing some of the figuring 🙂 they calculated tip on their own, though, and it seemed like a pretty decent tip 🙂 we were all very impressed.

i met someone today who’s a miltonist — that is, an expert on the subject of john milton (author of paradise lost). her name is jameela lares. her last name is pronounced ‘lairs’ (rhymes with ‘bears’), and her first name is pronounced like it looks. it’s arabic for ‘most beautiful.’ she told us she was ‘christened ‘virginia’ in an age when no one is called virginia,’ but she changed her name to jameela when she was in west africa. a very interesting person, and funny… i regretted that i couldn’t go to her talk on milton since it would no doubt have made my english reading much more interesting, but i had other plans. namely, a palestra musical given by prof. josé miguel wisnik, on the subject of música brasileira.

prof. wisnik is amazingly talented. i don’t know why he doesn’t have a record contract. his voice is soothing and eloquent in the best brasilian style, reminiscent of caetano veloso… i thoroughly enjoyed his playing and singing. he spoke only in portuguese, though, and i had a little trouble following him. i really need to practice portuguese more. the problem is just plain listening; i figure i understood about eighty to ninety percent of his vocabulary, but i’m just not adequately used to hearing portuguese. poor erik accompanied me and enjoyed the music, but he was totally lost on the portuguese and got somewhat bored.

i loved the palestra. i’ll write more about it later in a separate entry devoted solely to it.

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