i’ve decided i’ve really got to start working harder. i’ve been gradually improving throughout the semester, and i’m really proud of myself, but i still need to do more. since “work hard, play hard” just doesn’t work for me, i’ll just have to enjoy my work more 🙂 that’s the part i’ve been getting better at… and, as the beatles said, “it’s getting better all the time…”

i think, what do i spend all my time doing, anyway? i’m tired and then i don’t feel like doing work, but instead of going to sleep (which is a productive thing to do), i tell myself i should be up working. what happens is i don’t sleep, and i don’t work, but i procrastinate and waste my time playing freecell or something. so my new idea is that i should always be doing something productive, which doesn’t have to necessarily be homework. “productive” can mean going out for a run, reading a for-fun book i’ve been meaning to read for months, sleeping, etc.

i hope this works! if so, i should be much happier and much more productive overall.

[note, 4/10/14: Imported from my old blog at This was one of my very first posts; I’m not making all of them public.]