About Satsumabug

Lisa HsiaMy name is Lisa Hsia, I’m a writer and artist, and this is my blog.

I was born on 12/12 in the year that: Sandra Day O’Connor became the first female justice on the US Supreme Court, the first cases of AIDS were reported in Los Angeles, Raiders of the Lost Ark came out, and Natalie Wood drowned off Catalina Island.

I have been blogging since 2001 and it is a big part of the way I live, write, and think. I started on LiveJournal, posting short notes and links that were relevant to me as a college freshman. My blogging style has evolved a lot since then, and in January 2009 I launched this blog as a private chronicle of my art-making. I soon brought it out to a more public audience, and since then I’m happy to see the way this blog has become a community and a continuing source of support and inspiration for others as well as for me. This blog is now my primary internet hub, though you may read the ten-year archive of my LiveJournal here, and of course I’m on a number of other social networking sites (see right sidebar for links).

For a closer introduction to the blog, check out the Satsumabug Sampler, a hand-picked selection of my posts.

For more about me, continue to the Work section: Publications & exhibitions, Events & appearances, Experience & education, and Inspirations & influences. (You can also find these pages via the menu at the top of the blog, underneath the banner.)

Starting in April 2012, my husband Erik and I will be traveling the world for an indefinite period of time. We will be in Toronto, Canada until the end of June, at which time we’ll fly to Scotland. Read about our travel plans here — and know that I’ll certainly be continuing the blog on our journey!

Thank you for visiting, and I hope to see you in the comments!

February 2011, revised December 2011, March 2012


17 responses to “About Satsumabug

  1. This is a very nice, welcoming blog. I’ll be back (said in a ‘wow, just found a great place to visit’ tone, not an Arnold Schwartenegger accent!).

    • Thanks very much, Lisa. Welcoming is a word I’m really happy to hear in describing the blog! I like yours too. Hope we’ll “see” more of each other. 😉

  2. I love the purpose of this blog! Just stumbled across it and am looking for my own guest bloggers for my DC arts blog, hmm. Good ideas and a great example of collaboration.

  3. Loved “ain’t no body but our chickens” – thanks for sharing it. Thanks for the pannini. I am loving my new futon. Yeah! Safe travels to you and Erik. peace, Vanessa

  4. Pingback: Portrait « Words One Hundred·

    • Glad you don’t mind, Carla! I’ve pinned several of your paintings and foresee many more. 😉 I LOVE your work, as I’m always saying!!! You have no idea! 🙂

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