Crazy cat day

Exhausting day: Our cat Tisha was supposed to get his stitches out today but his wound isn’t healing well, so they re-stapled it up and put on fresh gauze and a new bandage. We ended up going to the vet three times, because Tisha kept taking the bandages off — in spite of the doctor’s and techs’ efforts to Tisha-proof them:

tisha's rough dayBy our last visit they had dubbed our tiger-cat “MacGyver” and “Houdini” (though they praised his calm and nonaggressiveness). He eventually managed to get even that last helmet-y thing off (who knows how!), but the vet had prudently given us an extra roll of tape, so we’ve retaped him. He now wears a headband instead of a helmet and is totally worn out from his rough day. We’re going down to San Jose tomorrow because my youngest sister is flying back out to school in the evening, and now we’re going to have to take Tisha with us. This abscess business has been so much trouble!

All those vet visits took up most of the day, but I still got a little bit done. I’m so glad I got this morning’s comic finished before we went to the vet! While sitting in the vet’s waiting room I read most of Maxine Hong Kingston’s The Woman Warrior (I know, shameful that I never read it before now), and in my little between-vet time windows, I wrote up some thoughts on the book, and finished up the pins I’ve been working on for the shop:

trio of pinsL to R: yo-yos/vintage buttons/beads; yo-yo/vintage button/couching; yo-yo/vintage button/handmade lace

I tried a new method for taking these photos, which I found on this Etsy forum thread. Do you like them? I think I should still fiddle around with the angles and lighting, but I do think they look infinitely more professional than what I was doing before. I’m happiest with the brooch on the left, because I had made the base and the yo-yos and sort of given up on trying to make anything out of them — until today, when I thought to put them together and hand-sew all those beads around the yo-yos. I think this is why I so enjoy making these brooches; I can really improvise and play with them, and they all come out looking so different. They’re like little worlds! For the shop, I’m going to photograph them in use, too, on coats or bags or shirts. They look so much more amazing when paired with the right outfit; it astounds even me how transformative such tiny accessories can be.

San Jose tomorrow.