A birthday party

Last night I went to a surprise birthday party for Tim, the second surprise party I’ve been to in my life. It was a wonderful party, “clean wholesome fun” as Jennifer remarked. I’ve never had the chance to get to know Tim well, but since it was such a happy event I didn’t feel out of place. It’s incredibly touching how much time and effort Tim’s friends put into planning and executing this party, and it was really sweet that his parents also helped out. His parents had taken him out to dinner, and allowed us to get into their house in the meantime. By the time Jennifer and I got there, people had already set up streamers all over the living room and had blown up a ridiculous amount of balloons. Alison baked a beautiful strawberry cake, although she couldn’t stay for the party, and Cindy coordinated an incredible scrapbook with notes and cards from everyone, and pictures she’d taken at our get-together on Monday, at the beach yesterday, and even at the party. We presented the scrapbook to Tim at the end of the evening, and it was fun to see his confusion when he saw the photos from that night. Actually, the pictures had been taken on a digital camera, and Cindy had brought a laptop and printer, and that’s how that was done.

During the party, besides eating Alison’s delicious cake and drinking sparkly wine (we can’t call it Champagne, of course ;b) and eating melon and ice cream, we played Tim Jeopardy and Tim-themed Scattergories, and everyone made a toast to the part Tim has played in their lives. I think we can safely say that people rarely get to feel so special and appreciated as I’m sure Tim felt last night, so I’m grateful I got to be a part of that, however small.

This does, however, leave me wondering how we are ever going to top this for other people’s birthdays from now on. Or will we continue with our usual not doing much for people’s birthdays because it’s the school year? I wonder.

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