well, i had quite an interesting weekend. i went home, which was nice. things didn’t work out after all with housing for next year (long story about a great apartment i was going to share with someone; there are no hard feelings or anything but it just didn’t work out. i’m fine.), so i’m still going to be looking for a place.

anyone who has been keeping up with my journal, or who hasn’t but is just observant, might notice that my recent entries have been considerably shorter and fewer than those of a week or two ago. i believe that’s in keeping with my present feeling of not wanting to do anything… i did no work all weekend unless you count washing delicious strawberries and muscat grapes for my own and my family’s consumption. i think it’s just the end-of-year procrastination sickness that hits me near the end of every school year. i always end up feeling like i’ve already done most of the work so whatever i do now isn’t important; in fact, as any student knows, just the reverse is true. last papers and finals studying can be even more important than whatever other work i’ve done, but it just never feels that way. consequently, for the past week or two, all i’ve done is eat, sleep, read, listen to music, and basically laze around. i haven’t run like i said i would, i haven’t started on my paper (thank goodness i got an extension!), i haven’t started studying for finals, i haven’t done reading, etc etc. let’s hope i improve this week– i’ll have to!

[note, 4/10/14: Imported from my old blog at satsumabug.livejournal.com.]