i just got back a little while ago from watching a movie for history. the movie — berkeley in the sixties was really amazing. prof litwack was one of four or five consultants during its creation, and in 1990 it was nominated for an academy award (best documentary).

the movie details the origin and development of the free speech movement (fsm) at berkeley, and includes associated movements such as women’s lib, the black panthers, civil rights in general, anti-[vietnam] war movements, etc.

after watching the movie, i get so much more of a feeling of legacy… berkeley students, and in fact all students and all people, should feel compelled to uphold this legacy of activism and social awareness. it’s not enough to just watch things happen and complain about the system, we must act when we believe it to be wrong. (the movie strongly reminded me of mr bowen, interestingly…) we are fortunate to live in this era, in which so much has already been accomplished for us, but we cannot stop now. the first step in building a better future is, of course, becoming aware of our history. not just by reading textbooks, but by trying to reconstruct the thoughts and feelings of the times. it’s cliché, but after taking history 7b i understand better than ever the value of learning from our past.

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